Alexander Bourne
President Alexander Bourne
First Appearance Brave New World
Last Appearance Spindrift
Portrayed by Michael York
Born Unknown

President of the Macronesian Alliance (formerly New Australia), Bourne rose to power during the ten years that seaQuest was missing. The ships in his naval fleet, the Lysander class, were capable of subduction; particle liquefaction, which "turns land mass into soup" and allowed him to seize power in half of the Pacific Ocean. Bourne did not agree with the policies and limitations of the UEO and sought any means to discredit and defame them. As a result, and because of several concerns about human rights violations, the UEO imposed a trade embargo against Macronesia, which led to several conflicts between both governments. Many in the UEO believed that it would take a miracle to stop Bourne's rise in power, territory, and influence. When seaQuest seemed to reappear shortly thereafter, they were able to stop Bourne's attempt to annex the Nexus Colony that would have given him access to remainder of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the lives and freedom of hundreds of thousands of people.[1]

When the UEO constitution was up for renewal, Bourne moved to dissolve the UEO. However, without assurance of victory, he conspired with Larry Deon and a Dr. Slaussen to gain control of Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks, a seaQuest crew member's, psyche-implant, which would place her mind under their control. With her to do their bidding, they programmed her to assassinate Secretary General Arthur McGath, which would cripple the UEO beyond repair. However, Fredericks was able to resist their mind control and Bourne's plans were thwarted.[2]

When Lieutenant Lonnie Henderson, another seaQuest crewmember, was caught in Macronesian waters attempting to rescue a sinking ship with children aboard (that had been fired on by Macronesian forces), Bourne attempted to use her to humiliate the UEO by breaking her in prison and executing her before the world audience on the trumped-up charge of kidnapping the children she was rescuing. Again, Bourne's plans were ruined by a seaQuest away team who were able to break her free from her cell and return her safely back to the ship.[3]


President Bourne was portrayed by actor Michael York.


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