Armand Stassi
General Armand Stassi
First Appearance Brave New World
Last Appearance Good Soldiers
Portrayed by Andrew Stahl
Born Unknown

General Armand Stassi (played by Andrew Stahl) is Alexander Bourne's right hand man and the Highest Ranking officer in the Macronesian Military.


Stassi was with the President in the attempted take over of the Nexus Colony, which was ultimately thwarted thanks to the return of the seaQuest and the help of Nathan Bridger.[1]

In "Chains of Command" an insane UEO Admiral, Aaron Vanalden, tried to start a war with the Macronesian Alliance by destroying a Mac submarine rearmament base. The UEO covered up the event and said it was a robot instillation that malfunctioned, since the base was a classified first strike facility located deep in Macronesian territory and sent in Captain Hudson to deal with the situation. Since the Alliance didn't know about the base when they decided to back-track the missile it lead to seaQuest since it was close to the base since it had orders to destroy the base if Hudson failed. Stassi, believing them responsible for the bases destruction, ordered an attack against seaQuest although it ultimately evaded the subs and destroyed the base.[2]

When Lieutenant JG Lonnie Henderson, a seaQuest crew member, was caught in Macronesian waters attempting to rescue a sinking ship with children aboard, Stassi (who was aboard one of the attacking ships) charged her with kidnapping the children she was rescuing and smuggling. Ultimately Captain Hudson rescued Henderson, although the rescue cost Lt. Brody his life.[3]


General Armand Stassi was portrayed by actor Andrew Stahl. In an unfilmed script, that likely would have been produced had the show not been canceled, Stassi would have been shot after a failed assassination attempt against President Bourne. Stassi was usually shown as being mostly as a patriot, more interested in the good of the Alliance than anything, whereas Bourne was more concerned with his own power and wealth. Since it was never filmed his fate remains a mystery.


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