Benjamin Krieg
Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg
First Appearance To Be Or Not To Be
Last Appearance Higher Power
Creator Rockne S. O'Bannon
Portrayed by John D'Aquino
Spouse Katherine Hitchcock (divorced)
Born February 9, 1989

Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg (played by John D'Aquino) served as seaQuest`s procurement officer.


He had previously attended the naval academy with Captain Bridger's son Robert and with Katherine Hitchcock, whom he was later wed to for a year. While at the academy, he painted the homecoming mule pink, something that Captain Bridger later found amusing. Krieg had aspirations of a command at sea, but, he never was able to fulfill that dream. Krieg was involved in a few minor transgressions during his tour of duty, such as attempting to extort an Arctic research outpost by selling them thermal underwear at an inflated price, as well as sneaking two-pounds of outlawed ground beef aboard the boat with the intention of making a real cheeseburger.


Krieg was portrayed by actor John D'Aquino and appears in the first season of the series as a main character, and a guest appearance in the third season. D'Aquino, along with Royce D. Applegate was fired at the end of the first season in order to give the next season a "Younger, sexier feel". His character was somewhat replaced by Michael DeLuise's character, Tony Piccolo.