Heiko Kimura
Lt. Commander Heiko Kimura
First Appearance Weapons Of War
Last Appearance Weapons Of War
Portrayed by Julia Nickson
Family Parents deceased
Born Unknown

Lt. Commander Heiko Kimura was a Chaodai sub fighter pilot that defected to the UEO in 2032 to warn them of the future threat posed by the Chaodai. She was played by Julia Nickson.


She conducted an online relationship with Lt. O'Neill and used him to find the ship and get onboard. When Tim confronted her about it later she told him that she didn't feel bad about tricking him, because the Chaodai represented a horror he couldn't imagine, and that he should have been glad to have his fantasy girl for as long as he did. She was willing to give herself up to save the seaQuest when the rest of her squadron tracked her down but she was saved (against her will) by O'Neill, who sent her ship out on autopilot, where the remaining ships immediately destroyed it. When she tried to thank him he was still quite angry and told her he was only doing his duty.[1]


Lt. Commander Kimura was portrayed by actress Julia Nickson. Although only appearing in the final episode, Lt. Commander Kimura was to replace Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks as the head of the sub fighter pilots assigned to seaQuest, and was scripted to appear in the next, unfilmed seaQuest episode "In Father's Footsteps".[2]


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