Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks ("Freddie") had served with Captain Hudson aboard the hauler he commanded prior to both of them signing aboard seaQuest. Hudson considered her his best student and believed that she dedicated her whole life to her duty. While training to pilot a Spectre-Demon class subfighter, Fredericks accidentally crashed it, almost drowning in the process. She became extremely fearful of ever piloting it again and since the UEO had invested so much in her training, they convinced her to wear a "psyche-implant"; a device that literally "programmed the scare out of her." The device also gave the UEO 24 hour access to every feeling that she had, but, she was willing to deal with the inherent humiliation in order to become the best subfighter pilot in the UEO. Unfortunately, Larry Deon and President Alexander Bourne were able to gain access to her psyche-implant and reprogrammed it to coerce her to assassinate UEO Secretary General McGath. Thanks to the efforts of Lieutenant Brody and Ensign Wolenczak, Fredericks was able to fight against their programming and McGath's life was saved.

Fredericks had a hand in the subfighter training of Lieutenant Brody and Warrant Officer Piccolo. Unfortunately, during an engagement with a squadron of Chaodai subfighters, Fredericks lost her life when she was fired upon and destroyed. Captain Hudson was deeply affected by her lost and angrily objected when it was suggested that the defecting Lt. Commander Heiko Kimura, formerly of the Chaodai Nation, replace Fredericks aboard seaQuest. However, Secretary General McGath made it an order. Hudson took it upon himself to clean out Fredericks' quarters.