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The seaQuest DSV 4600-II docked at New Cape Quest.

New Cape Quest is a fictional city, similar to Miami, Florida, featured in the second and third season. The city, located in Florida on the seacoast, has fair weather, a robust economy, a high level of material wealth, and comfort and safety all while maintaining ecological balance with the sea. New Cape Quest holds influence over (and is likely the capital of) the United Earth Oceans organization (UEO). As of 2021 (the time frame of the show's second season) its population was five million. The city also served as the seaQuest DSV II`s berth.

It is likely that New Cape Quest comprises all of what is commonly considered to be "South Florida", and comprises all of Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County.

The city was threatened with annihilation in the episode "The Sincerest Form of Flattery", when an experimental submarine piloted by a computerized psychological profile of Captain Nathan Bridger believed it was participating in a war games exercise and fired ten sea to air missiles towards the city. Fortunately, however, the real Captain Bridger was able to convince his computerized doppelganger to initiate the self-destruct on the missiles, saving millions of lives.


The idea of New Cape Quest was created when the producers chose to relocate production of the series from Universal Studios in Hollywood to Universal's facilities in Florida beginning with the show's 1994-1995 season. Previously, the seaQuest was said to have been based at Pearl Harbor with exteriors for the show filmed in the Los Angeles area.