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S-10 Defense Satellite

Ronald Reagan Memorial Space Base, also known as "anti-missile satellite weapons systems number 12" was a S-10 defense satellite used by UEO around 2021.

The satellite used a beam weapon, possibly a laser, to destroy targets on earth. While it was designed as an anti-missile system, it was also capable of destroying targets such as buildings on earths surface. The satellite could move in orbit and target locations on different continents in a short time. The total number of S-10 satellites is unknown, but the number "12" suggests that there are at least 11 more similar systems used by UEO.

The satellite could be used by high ranking UEO officers after a retina scan and proper identification codes from a remote command station. Navis 18 Submersible type UEO submarines had such stations on board. In 2021 UEO Army General Francis Thomas had the clearance to use the satellite.

In 2021 G.E.L.F. rebels used Ronald Reagan Memorial Space Base to destroy 3 air regeneration stations, including New England Air Regeneration Station and Congo Region Air Regeneration Station.

Behind The Scenes

The station is named after former US President Ronald Reagan who suggested to build an anti-missile satellite system during the cold war.

Ronald Reagan Memorial Space Base is seen in the SeaQuest DSV second season episode "Daggers".