The Stinger[N 2] was a one man submersible designed by Lucas Wolenczak and Commander Hitchcock, as their entry for a UEO competion to develop a single-seated submersible. Both the original prototype and it's replacement were constructed aboard The SeaQuest.


Intended to transport crew or personnel to and from a submerged ship or land, Stinger is designed for high speed transport and reconnaissance to support a large, deep-diving nuclear submarine or base. The prototype was constructed in 2019. The craft could travel 180 miles, and dive to a depth of 5,000 ft. It was equipped with XPG-99z Hyper Sonar, link to WSKRS[1]


While being tested by Lucas in the lead up to the demonstration for the UEO, Seaquest's entry is discovered and stolen by fellow competitor, Dr. Tucker. The Seaquest team recovered the Stinger, which has been comprehesively dismantled,[N 3] and Dr. Tucker, who had his own prototype in the race. Lucas and Kate had only 24 hours to replicate their fish-like vehicle. The UEO test occured between Tucker's and Seaquest's prototype.

Although Tucker's prototype was declared the winner,[2] Seaquest retained their new prototype. Captain Bridger later used it to board a malfunctioning A.I. sub, which has begun firing on civilian targets, using Bridger's mental profile for its A.I. logic.[3]

The Stinger was later damaged by a recently awakened Deinosuchus while piloted by Commander Ford, during a visit by Seaquest to the aqua farm facility run by Ford's father and brother.[4] The craft was presumably repaired, as Lucas and Dagwood used it to escape the apparent destruction of Seaquest on Hyperion in 2022.[5]

Iy's subsequent fate is unconfirmed.

Behind the scenes

  • Monogram released a 1:20 scale model kit of the Stinger in 1994.[6]
  • The Stinger could be regarded as the precursor of the Specter SFA-2 combat submersible.


  1. Based on scaling up of the 11.5-inches (29cm) 1:20 scale model kit released by Monogram.
  2. This was Wolenczak's name for the prototype - Hitcock refered to the craft as the Gazelle.
  3. Chief Crocker compared the remains to a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.


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