Season 1
"To Be or Not To Be"
Season no. 1
Episode no. 1
Air date September 12, 1993
Writer(s) Rockne S. O'Bannon
Director Irvin Kershner
Guest starring Shelley Hack
Richard Herd
Episode chronology
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Amid a tumultuous global political climate, Captain Marilyn Stark, commander of the gigantic seaQuest DSV submarine, the most powerful battleship in the ocean, is removed from command when she almost starts a full-scale war. Ironically, the incident serves as a catalyst for a new push toward world peace.

A new multinational authority, the United Earth Oceans Organization (UEO) is founded to govern the world's oceans. The SeaQuest is transformed into a peacekeeping vessel and mobile laboratory. The UEO seeks out the vessel's reclusive architect, former Captain Nathan Bridger, to take command of her. Bridger is reluctant to accept, but agrees to visit the sub and inspect it in it's new remodeled state. However, shortly into the remodeled ship's maiden voyage, Bridger faces an attack by a renegade sub helmed by the disgraced Captain Stark.


Main Cast

Guest Cast



  • DSV stands for Deep Submergence Vehicle.
  • UEO is often used throughout the series. It stands for the United Earth Oceans/Organization.