SeaQuest DSV


As the seaQuest undergoes inspection administered by Captain Jack Clayton, Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg has a close encounter with an unknown life form while in a seaCrab in the Tonga Trench. When the creature lets him go, Krieg discovers a treasure trove of mysterious glowing stones; stones that may mean big money. However, is the bigger threat to seaQuest the greed that overtakes the crew or the unknown life form?

Season 1
To Be Or Not To Be [N 1] I The Devil's Window I Treasure of The Mind I Games I Treasures of the Tonga Trench I Brothers and Sisters I Give Me Liberte I Knight of Shadows I Bad Water I The Regulator I seaWest I Photon Bullet I Better Than Martians I Nothing But the Truth I Greed For a Pirate's Dream I Whale Song I The Stinger I Hide and Seek I The Last Lap of Luxury I Abalon I Such Great Patience I The Good Death I Higher Power"[N 2]


  1. Also known as "The Nathan Bridger Incident"
  2. Also known as "An Ocean on Fire"