"Vapors" is the fifth episode of seaQuest DSV`s second season. It was originally shown on October 9, 1994.

Quick Overview: While on shore leave, Captain Bridger and Dr. Wendy Smith struggle with a possible romance after Piccolo inadvertently starts rumours about them in the maglev. Meanwhile, Henderson and O'Neill go out on a date, while Commander Ford, Lieutenant Brody and Ortiz try to find female companionship. On their shore leave, Piccolo, Lucas and Dagwood respond to Piccolo's father's plea for help.


When seaQuest returns to New Cape Quest for shore leave, the crew disembark on various adventures. When Piccolo's father claims his estranged wife Marie is taking a mysterious drug, Tony, Lucas, and Dagwood are shocked to find that the drug is reducing Marie's apparent age making her look younger.

After showing Wendy his special project in the ship's hydroponics lab, Bridger realizes that he's become infatuated with the good doctor. Wendy soon finds that she too is becoming attracted to the captain. Matters are complicated further when Piccolo jumps out of the pool in the lab and sees the two of them holding each other, which he then whispers to Commander Ford, Brody, Lucas, and Ortiz in the maglev.

On their shore leave, Ford, Brody, and Ortiz cruise around the surrounding waters in a motorboat looking for women. Frustrated with his colleagues' picky tastes in women, Ortiz abandons Ford and Brody and hooks up with a group of women on a nearby beach, much to their chagrin.

Meanwhile, O'Neill and Henderson spend a day together going to various places such as a museum and an interactive version of Key Largo. While Henderson enjoys her time, O'Neill finds that he's too concerned about being spotted by other crew members with another officer on the ship.

The crew's shore leave culminates at Captain Bridger's house where he throws a barbecue for his officers. Piccolo is able to convince his mother not to take any more of the drug as he discovers it to be chemically destroying her body, Ford and Brody discover Ortiz sailing by on a yacht with a bevy of beautiful women, O'Neill and Henderson reconcile and attend the party together, even though Ford chides O'Neill by playing the wedding march on the piano, and Wendy decides to pursue a relationship with Bridger and stay aboard seaQuest, having originally thought that she would have to transfer off the boat and be unable to maintain a relationship with the ship's captain.[1]